The Power of the Hashtag Hour


Can you spare some time each week to network via Twitter hashtags and let people know about your business?

Getting involved with dedicated hashtag hours allows you to network and raise your business profile with potential customers, other companies within the sector and your local community.

There’s a whole range of different hours that happen each week relating to small businesses and here are some of our faves:


Mon – Fri, 2pm to 3pm – Daily networking event for all types of businesses.


Tues, Thurs, Fri, 3pm to 4pm – Chance to shout out your business.


Tues, 9pm to 10pm – An hour promoting UK small businesses.


Weds, 8pm to 9pm – Networking hour for the East Midlands

To take part in the networking, simply add the hashtag to your tweet on the day and time the specific hour takes place. However, ensure your tweet is relevant to the hour.

Why don’t you see if you can find a sector specific hashtag (e.g #fashionhour) for your business and get networking via Twitter!

We’re also on Twitter, so follow us and get involved with all things enterprise on campus!


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