Jo Fairley’s 5 Tips to Success

 Jo Fairley

Ethical chocolate entrepreneur Jo Fairley has enjoyed the sweet success of seeing her business Green & Black’s become a global brand.

Jo was the keynote speaker at this year’s Business Venture Competition Awards and shared her inspiring journey with the audience while passing on some of her top tips to new businesses and we through we’d share these little gems with you!

  • Enter as many awards as you can “It’s so worth it, because if you win, you get PR opportunities. A win gives you something to move you a notch above your competitors and putting together the award application focuses your mind on your product.”
  • Focus on design “We live in an ever-more design conscious world. Good design is something that catches people’s eye and the right branding is worth spending money on.”
  • Tell your story “We are all overwhelmed by the number of emails we get every day. Contact the media – send a press release to the papers and call up journalists with your story.”
  • Outsource what you’re not good at “We got other people to make the chocolate and sell it; we concentrated on our strengths which were branding, design, PR and the ethics which underpin the business.
  • Take a chance. “When I was a teenager, I had a postcard of a man on a diving board. The caption said: “If you don’t do it, you will never know what happened if you had done it.”

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