5 Instant Improvements for Your Website


After reading an article outlining the latest statistics from Office for National Statistics regarding the growth of UK retail sales and how online sales have been the main driver, we thought we’d provide you with some top ways of instantly improving your websites performance and help drive those online sales.


No one likes having to trail through a website, struggling to find what they want. Consider having a clear and concise navigation system in place across your site. If there is a particular product your customer is looking for, it may be more convenient for them to search for it across your site using a search bar. Implement the

We lead such busy lives nowadays and many of us will purchase online through our mobile phones. With this in mind, consider making your website optimized for mobile phones.

Contact details

Ensure you place your contact details somewhere obvious. So many retailers seem to hide them several clicks into the website that they are impossible to find.

We’re not just talking about the office/shop address and contact numbers; we’re also talking about your social media icons. You may want these little beauties to be a static feature across all web pages inviting your customers to join and engage with you across different platforms.


Images help break-up text on a website and customers an idea of what your products are like; this is why it’s essential your images are of high quality. Look into hiring a professional photographer to take snaps of the products; they are likely to still own the copyright of these images, so check with them how they would like to be credited.

If you’re able to, offer the customer the opportunity to zoom in on the products so they can see them in more detail.


There are two things to remember when selling products online; make sure the prices of your products are clearly visible and ensure prices are consistent throughout the site. Also, provide a call to action button such as “Buy Now” or “Add to Basket” so your customers can actually buy the product there and then.


Providing a help tab on your website will prove useful to customers who may need that extra little bit of assistance. These could all be placed under a help tab:

  • FAQs
  • returns policy
  • postage prices
  • testimonials
  • privacy policy

As well as general information, there may be assistance you can offer your customers relevant to your type of business such as a clothes sizing chart or jewellery cleaning information.

You may have spotted the theme to this post, your customer. Consider your customer all the way through the creation of your website. If they can’t navigate easily enough, they are unlikely to find what they are looking for and the sale may not happen.

Do you have all of these things on your website? Is there something you think we’ve missed? Let us know!


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