Enterprise Inc & Media TwentyFour: One-year on

After working for numerous media companies both as a journalist and a PR executive, I decided it was time to branch out and utilise my skillset to work with people and companies that I genuinely felt passionate about and connected with. My business partner Zeenat shared the same vision and together, we set out to create a boutique PR and communications agency called Media TwentyFour.

Media24 -1

We literally just scraped into the criteria set out by the Enterprise Inc organisation (having graduated three years prior to our application) and were very fortunate to have been accepted onto the scheme.

Enterprise Inc provides a total of £2,500 over the course of the programme, providing a huge boost to any business financially. As our business is mainly service-led, we used the majority of these funds to purchasing insurance, legal assistance and used the money to pay for a mixture of marketing activities. We certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford it all prior to trading if it wasn’t for Enterprise Inc.

However, despite the money being a huge bonus, we still believe that the knowledge we gained from the professional advisors was invaluable. One of the great things about Enterprise is that you have industry professionals on hand to give you advice about a range of different topics that affect many new start-ups. There were useful lectures on topics like accounting and sales to help us learn the basics of business and we were given our very own business mentor.

Our mentor Emma Swales was literally an unexpected gift. She really helped us get our business under way and asked us some hard-hitting questions that pushed us to re think some of our goals and strategies. It also helped to have an objective eye at the start of the journey, as there were two of us going into partnership, with at times, two contrasting views on certain issues.

We are now officially one year old and have managed to finally get things off the ground. Though there’s still a long way for us to go, we have been fortunate enough to work with a number of amazing clients, including; design agency Arch Creative, young people’s charity Soft Touch Arts, national petroleum company MPK Garages, classical Indian and contemporary dancer Aakash Odedra, India’s biggest Bollywood dance academy Shiamak Davar, celebrity stylist and fashion designer Sabah Khan and networking group Fosse Business Breakfast Club. We also feel proud to say that four of our clients have scooped up awards while we were representing them.

With such a mix bag of clients we hope to continue our diverse work into our second year and look forward to retaining our existing clients and taking on a number of new ones too. With a strong focus on regional and South Asian PR, we feel we are able to offer our clients a genuinely unique service.

Our five-year-goal: To have signed on at least two full-time members of staff and be in a position where we are still working with clients who we genuinely feel passionate about – and of course it would be nice to squeeze in the odd holiday or two!

Website: www.mediatwentyfour.co.uk

Email info@mediatwentyfour.co.uk

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MediaTwentyFour

Follow us on Twitter @MediaTwentyFour


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