Starting Up: Angry Pixie

When I decided to leave Paris, the city where I was born and grew up, to start a Design course in Leicester (Product Design and then later on Design Crafts) I had no idea where it would take me. I only knew I liked the idea and thought it was worth giving it a try and see where it would take me. I certainly did not imagine it would take me where I am now.

My name is Livia, aka Angry Pixie and as far as I remember I have always loved making. I now make ceramic jewelry and vessels. Everything is made with time and love, to a high standard. The idea of becoming self-employed and running my own business came gradually, as I was studying and wondering what sort of life I wanted for later. I knew I wanted to make my own decisions and have control over my time.

Angry Pixie

I wanted something different from a regular job, something that I created from scratch, something to be proud of. I also like to decide when to do things and most importantly when I feel ready for them.

Starting up was not easy, I was lacking self-confidence and trust in my business idea. I did not know where to start, what to do or when to do it.I procrastinated for a while and then started taking things tiny chunks by tiny chunks, so it did not look that big and scary. I also did a lot of research on the Internet and kept everything that could be useful at some point filed in my computer. Campus Enterprise Opportunities were also very useful at this point as I could ask everything I needed. Then later on the various workshops, lectures etc. ran by Enterprise Inc and Campus Enterprise Opportunities were very useful to help me decide on the following steps to take.

It is not easy every day as I have to take all the decisions on my own and as I still don’t make a living from it, I have to have another job, but I don’t regret my choice.

Being self-employed is very rewarding; I can manage and organize my time in a manner that suits me, even though it is really hard as well, and may not suit everybody. There is nobody to tell me what to do and when to do it; I work according to my own rhythm. But most importantly I enjoy this feeling of building something myself, of pride, this feeling of accomplishment. My company is my vision of it; all the decisions are mine, so it is as I want it to be, in tune with my ethics.

I have learnt a lot on the way, and I am still learning every day. About my business, about the industry I work in but also about me, about what I want and what I need. I have learnt that I need to trust myself and stop being scared and wondering what is going to happen. I learnt that I should not be afraid of asking for some help, because there is a lot of help available out there. I have learnt that it does not matter if things evolve slowly, as long as I am enjoying it; the journey is as important and as enjoyable as the destination. I am not sure where I am going at the moment but I am enjoying what I am doing, and that’s the most important part!

If you are also thinking of starting up but are still unsure, my piece of advice would be: just go for it. You never know where it could take you.

Do some research, seek some help, and go for it.

You can find out more information about Angry Pixie on their website.


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