12 Steps to Crowdfunding Success

In the process of putting together a crowdfunding campaign for your new venture? Great stuff! See our 12 top tips below for running a successful campaign and reaching your target!

Keep it short, sweet and simple!
When writing your campaign description, keep it  short and to the point to catch peoples attention. Create a short story with a hard sell in about 2-3 paragraphs.

Lights, camera, action
If the platform you have chosen lets you, consider creating a short video to sell your new product or service in a visual way!

Photo Credit: dsevilla via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: dsevilla via Compfight cc

Start with something
Before your campaign goes live, make sure you have a few people lined up ready to pledge their cash! No one likes committing to something which is brand new and therefore your campaign may look more appealing if it has already received support.

Compress the time scale
Although logic suggests the longer your campaign lasts, the more time you have to reach your target! This doesn’t always work. Once your campaign is live, you’ll have to work hard to promote it and gain investment and therefore if you set it up for a month or two rather than six, you’ll keep the momentum going!

Do something every day
We’ve already touched on this slightly but be proactive when promoting your campaign by doing something everyday! Tweet your campaign and post updates about how it’s going and how far off your target you are. Social media can be a powerful tool if used correctly!

Convert pledges into cash, and “Likes” into supporters. 
If someone has already pledged to your campaign, it means they like it and therefore may be willing to pledge again to hep you reach your target! It’s easier to get repeat business then new business.

Get publicity
If there’s an interesting story behind your crowdfunding campaign, generate some PR and get the local media involved to raise the awareness of what you’re doing!

Organise off-line events
This could interlink with generating PR but arranging off-line events will also help raise awareness of your campaign and give people the opportunity to see the product in a physical form.

Match funding
Investors like to invest in something that has support. If you’re looking to raise £5,000 for your venture, try and find someone who may be prepared to match your funding if you reach your target.

Challenge yourself each step of the way!
Set yourself challenges to meet time-bound milestones along the way, and enlist your supporters to help you achieve this, with a big push at the end. The start and the finish are two key periods.


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