Starting up: Luidpro

With an enormous inherited and cultivated passion for art, and after spending endless hours of my childhood and adolescence in my grandfather’s workshop making all sort of artifacts such as slingshots, crossbows, toys and board games, I decided to study Product Design Engineering back in my country.


My name is Luis David Palacio, I’m from Medellin, which is a beautiful city located within the mountains of Colombia. I came to Leicester in 2012 to study a Master’s degree in Design Innovation in the area of Product design at DMU. I run a brand of exclusive and original products, and a unique, funky, artistic and fresh Product Design and Development business, aimed to help companies and individuals seeking guidance when developing product ideas.

Alongside studying, I was also designing the brand for my envisioned design agency and random product ideas that constantly came to my imagination. After I finished my Master’s degree, along with a strong cultivated entrepreneur spirit, I quickly set out to start my own business with the help of the Enterprise Team Here, they supported me overcoming the first challenges of starting up, such as creating a detailed business plan and setting up the foundations and roots of the business.


Contrary to common belief, the most rewarding part of being self-employed for me is not that you can manage your time or that you don’t have a boss. You will have to work at times that you might not want to, and you will have clients that will be like bosses. The key for me is the satisfaction you feel by doing what you love. If you can’t stop thinking about starting your own business, my advice would be to just do it. If you are worried about the financial risk, you can always start in parallel in your free time while working in another place. You must always be willing to invest assertively as much as you can in your business, especially on the branding side. Take assessed risks, invest, be proactive, passionate, committed and your business will succeed.

My passion for innovation in product design, combined with talent, hard work and being proactive led me to win the attention of the judging panel for an internationally recognised design prize: the Red dot concept awards 2015. After presenting five designs for these awards in nine different categories I was shortlisted in all of the divisions with all of the designs. The results for this will be available in July 2015.


The next steps for my business are to establish a strong brand, increase the number of commissioned projects, commercialize some of the original Luidpro concepts and keep looking for business opportunities to grow. Finally, the future for the brand is held in the vision for the business, which is to be an international leader product design agency and developer of original concepts.


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