Quick guide to being more enterprising at DMU!

Here are seven things you can do if you are itching to get started with your idea or simply want to become more enterprising

  1. Sign up to the Enterprise Mailing List.  We don’t spam but you will receive an email every couple of weeks with information about the latest opportunities and events. Sign up for updates via MyGateway.
  2. Follow us on Twitter.  We regularly tweet about the latest start-up information, tips and funding opportunities. We love hearing from enterprising DMU students and graduates so follow, tweet and let us know what you’re up to!
  3. Like us on Facebook. We also share content on Facebook so head over and like our page.
  4. Come and see us! Book a 20 minute appointment through MyGateway and have a chat with us about your idea!
  5. Book your place at our start-up sessions. Our 60 minute workshops take place throughout the academic year. Book your place and let us take you through the hot topics of starting a business.
  6. Become an Innovation Centre Member. As an ICM you will benefit from the chance to attend events, networking opportunities, free Wi-Fi and free use of the co-working café for meetings or working.
  7. Join Start-up DMU. Sign up to De Montfort University’s start-up society  to meet similar minded people and attend start-up events.
  8. Pitch your idea for cash.  Whatever your idea, you’re likely to need some cash to get it off the ground. Pitch2Win is a monthly competition which awards the winner from each month with £250. The winning student will also get the opportunity to pitch at the final awards ceremony in April 2016 for a larger cash prize. If you need cash for your idea then you need to enter Pitch2Win!

For more information about how we help De Montfort University students and graduates kick start their ideas, please visit our website or email enterprise@dmu.ac.uk


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