Start-up Story: Auspicious Moments

We asked DMU Accounting and Finance student Khusboo Raja to share her experience as a Pitch2Win 2016 finalist and her top tips to other students considering starting-up.

Everyone dreams of their big fairy-tale day with the perfect venue, the perfect music and most importantly their perfect partner. But what we forget is the invitation to this perfect wedding must also be… well perfect.

‘Auspicious Moments’ is designed to add that exclusive touch to your auspicious day!  We pride ourselves in catering an array of invitation cards for the most memorable day of your life. Whether its chic elegance and bling you’re after or the more traditional type, with the finest craftsmen working on your precious invitation, we guarantee perfection and absolute satisfaction.

I have been in the creative industry ever since I was a child. I’ve created portraits and paintings, swiftly moved to the web designing industry part time to eventually getting my hands on a sewing machine where not only did I create my own outfits but then cat-walked my creations down various runways. I think it’s fair to say I’ve always have an artistic flare so when spotting a gap in the market that not only lets me be as creative as I want but allows me to make a profit – it was a no brainer!

I initially won my way to the finals of a regional competition held by a leading advisory firm PKF Cooper Parry as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 where I battled my way to the finals and being the last girl standing, won! It was this win than encouraged me to enter Pitch2Win where all the staff were beyond amazing when it came to prepping me and offering support and guidance in their regarded areas.  


Pitching at the Pitch2Win 2016 Final

The £250 I won from becoming a finalist really helped me to branch out and book various exhibitions to showcase my cards and rake in orders! Aside from the monetary help, the feedback from the judges was also incredibly helpful to re-plan and develop certain aspects of work further in my favour.

One of the main things I’ve learned is to never let go! There will always be obstacles along the way and you may not always win every venture you set out but it’s never the end!

I’m currently working with one of the top businessmen in the Midlands to construct a viable business plan and win myself a bigger chunk of finance to finally put all my mentoring to use on a larger scale and begin to exhibit worldwide!

One piece of advice I’d share: Believe in your idea!


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