Pitch2Win 16/17 Finalist – Student Gift Box

I’m Joshua Solomon co-owner of Student Gift Box, we’re a company that designs and delivers specifically tailored gift hampers to students. The company originally started in 2015 as a lone project via Ed Weston, however, the business was revived in 2016 and transformed into what it is today under a joint effort alongside Kwaku Boateng.

Student Giftbox

Our inspiration was to create a business that really understood students and what we want to arrive at our student doorsteps. We know how strenuous and turbulent student life can be, especially with the advanced independence but not quite knowing what to do with it at times! We wanted to bridge the gap between parents and students, allowing guardians to send tailored parcels with ease, a simple online method, variety, fast delivery and an option of a personalised message.

Pitch2Win has been an overly positive experience for me, the experience was professional and not too overwhelming for a student. The judges were engaging and gave positive reinforcements as I was speaking to help calm my nerves. I would recommend anyone who even ponders ideas regarding entrepreneurship to apply, regardless of how advanced your idea might be, the support you’d receive would help you push on and realise there’s opportunity out there. My tip for anyone starting a business would be to do something you truly believe in and do not chase money. An additional tip about pitching in this competition, be honest, integrity gets you further than Del Boy tactics!

“The world is your lobster”.


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