Pitch2Win: ‘Believe in your own idea!’

Hello, we are Haus of FLVR which is made up of the duo Samara and Merissa Gidden. The concept for the idea was developed during visits to numerous festivals and feeling largely dissatisfied with the refreshments available. We found ourselves spending copious amounts of money on both alcoholic drinks and ice lollies.

We wanted to eradicate how many items you purchase and ultimately how much money you spend at a festival – the best way to do this is to combine the items you want. This formed the basis of our product creation…

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Pitch2Win: Marketing Entrepreneurship in action!

Ever met a graduate bold enough to start a marketing agency one year after university?

Building your vision and legacy requires experience, right?

Pitch2Win finalist and founder of digital agency Content 45; Peter Turay will surely disagree there.

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Pitch2Win Winner: Evade Magazine

Four months of sleepless nights, coding and editing had left me drained, with the added pressures of third year deadlines heavy on my mind, I was sat procrastinating not knowing how I was going to get through the coming weeks let alone make Evade Magazine work.


That’s when I got an email about Pitch2Win.

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