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Find out more about social media and how it can help you promote your business.


Starting Up: Angry Pixie

When I decided to leave Paris, the city where I was born and grew up, to start a Design course in Leicester (Product Design and then later on Design Crafts) I had no idea where it would take me. I only knew I liked the idea and thought it was worth giving it a try and see where it would take me. I certainly did not imagine it would take me where I am now.

My name is Livia, aka Angry Pixie and as far as I remember I have always loved making. I now make ceramic jewelry and vessels. Everything is made with time and love, to a high standard. The idea of becoming self-employed and running my own business came gradually, as I was studying and wondering what sort of life I wanted for later. I knew I wanted to make my own decisions and have control over my time.

Angry Pixie

I wanted something different from a regular job, something that I created from scratch, something to be proud of. I also like to decide when to do things and most importantly when I feel ready for them.

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4 reasons you should apply for the Business Venture Competition.

We’re currently accepting applications for our 2014/15 round of the Business Venture Competition.


If you haven’t heard the news, then to sum it up in a nutshell it’s a competition for any DMU student, staff member or graduate who are looking to start their own business or work for themselves. There are cash prizes and start-up support to be won to help with the launch of your idea!

Applications close on Monday 9 February 2015 – so there isn’t long left! DMU students, grads and staff can apply for the competition through MyGateway.

We’ve found 4 reasons why you should definitely enter your idea into the competition!

Refine your idea
It’s important for you to know exactly who your customers are, which marketing techniques work best and how you are going to sell/deliver your product or service.

That’s why during the application process we ask you to think about the different areas of your business idea in a bid to help you refine your idea further. The second stage of the competition requires you to write a business plan for your idea but don’t panic, we will help you with this at our Writing a Business plan workshop.

We understand this is one of the most obvious reasons you would apply for the competition. Starting your own business can be a difficult journey, even more difficult if you haven’t got the finance available to produce prototypes, conduct market research or buy marketing materials.

The winner of each category of the competition will be awarded with a cash prize which can be used to develop your business further.

Start-up Support
Each award is also sponsored by an organisation, therefore as well as the incentive of a cash prize if you win, the sponsor will also support you and help you take your idea further!

Entering the Business Venture Competition gives you and your idea great exposure. If you are selected as a finalist in the competition, you will be invited to present your idea in front of an audience of 60 people, including the sponsors of the awards, at the awards ceremony in April.  As well as presenting to the audience, we will also shine a light on your idea across social media and the DMU website.

What are you waiting for apply now!