5 top tips for writing a press release

Meera Majithia, Director of PR and Communications Agency Media TwentyFour graduated from DMU with a MA in Journalism in 2010 and was awarded a place on our Enterprise Inc. project in 2013. Enterprise Inc. provided Meera with a cash bursary and start-up support to help her launch her business. In this guest blog post, Meera shares her 5 top tips for writing a press release!

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Both Zeenat and I are ex-journalists, which means we know what sort of things to include and possibly avoid, when writing a press release. We’ve received many great (and not so great) releases in our inboxes over the years, and have also written a fair few in our time too (we like to think ours are all amazing of course).

While there’s really no substitute for hiring a professional PR person, we understand that some of you may not have the time or resources to invest in getting professional help. The fact remains, one of the most common things we get asked is ‘how do you write a press release?’.

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