Starting Up: Stormburst Studios

Video games – we’ve all played them. Whether it’s Candy Crush on your mobile phone or Call of Duty on your Xbox, I have no doubt that you’ve been exposed to them in some way. So it comes as no surprise that people like me enjoy making them as well as playing them.

My name’s Derry Holt and I’m the CEO of Stormburst Studios, a video games developer specialising in mobile games & gamified technologies. I come from Tamworth, a relatively large town just outside Birmingham where I took a very standard route through education (GCSE, A Levels, degree). I bandied around a lot of ideas in my youth: astrophysicist, games programmer, chemist, pilot and a couple of others. No matter where I went with my studies games were always a huge part of my life.


I’m intrinsically competitive and I don’t find the same adrenaline rush video games give me anywhere else. Ultimately this is what led me down the path of choosing De Montfort University as my place of study for BSc Computer Games Programming.

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